• In SOAN’s first year, members participated in Mosaic Manufacturing, with four investors for a total of $220,000. A company well positioned for a strong member return.

  • Over the five years, 95 members funded 25 different companies totaling $40.75 million, many members making multiple investments.

  • In a 2017 National Angel Capitals Organization (NACO) report, SOAN was ranked as the #3 most active angel network in the country in terms of investment dollars and amongst the young angel networks, SOAN was ranked #1 in the country.

  • SOAN members had one successful exit opportunity for investors, ABcann Medicinals – now VIVO Cannabis, and depending on when members bought and sold, significant gains could have been realized.

  • SOAN is pursuing an opportunity to attract funding for a SOAN-managed Seed Fund which will be able to lead several deals brought forward to our members.

  • SOAN is currently working with a number of companies looking for funding, averaging between 2-4 opportunities quarterly

  • Working more closely align our operation with Launch Lab, the Regional Innovation Centre, and this work will continue to strengthen over the next year. Launch Lab provides back office, accounting and administrative support to SOAN along with strong referrals and support from their Entrepreneur in Residences’ (EiR), expanding our reach for opportunities.

  • SOAN continues our no membership fee and no minimum investment obligation to our members