Angel Investors Ontario


Mission Statement

To grow Ontario’s Angel investing ecosystem to build prosperity, create jobs and strengthen communities

Who is AIO

Angel Investors Ontario (formerly known as “Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario” or “NAO-Ontario”) convenes Ontario’s Angel investors, who provide capital and mentorship to innovative start-ups province-wide.

Angel Investors Ontario was formed on the principals of the National Angel Capital Organization (“NACO”), in order to administer the Angel Network Program (“ANP”), established by the Government of Ontario in July 2007. A member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (“ONE”), Angel Investors Ontario continues to be the sole trusted administrator of the ANP. Since 2011, Angel Investors Ontario has also administered the Investing in Business Innovation ("IBI") Program, on behalf of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), to encourage the growth of Angel Investing.

Angel Investors Ontario supports 12 non-profit Angel Groups and 14 investment clubs across the province, fostering Angel groups’ success by sharing information and education tools, transferring best practices across the network. Over the past decade, through the groups and clubs that it mobilizes and supports, Angel Investors Ontario has enabled just over $300 million dollars to be invested into 500 high-potential early-stage ventures, in turn creating and retaining close to 10,000 jobs.

Since its inception, Angel Investors Ontario has built a robust network of over 1,400 investors across the province. While the network continues to stand behind its original task of creating and growing non-profit Angel investor groups for all regions of Ontario, it has since expanded upon this to include establishing new ways to convene Angels province-wide, with special investment events and Virtual programs, making it easier for Angels to syndicate deals

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Relationship between the National Angel Capital Organization and AIO

NACO is the National Community for Angels, Incubators, and Accelerators. We foster investment in early-stage companies to facilitate growth and success across Canada.

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) helps turn good ideas into great businesses. As the only national industry association comprised of 45 regional Angel investment groups, and 40 Accelerators and Incubators, NACO enables collaboration, partnership opportunities and faster access to Canada’s investment ecosystem.

NACO members assist Canadian startups in every region and industry to execute their vision and compete on the global stage. We support the early-stage organizations and individuals who provide patient risk capital, expert advice, and professional networks when traditional financial and other institutions cannot.

By connecting individuals, groups, and other partners that support early-stage investing, NACO accelerates a thriving, early-stage investment ecosystem. NACO provides intelligence, tools, and resources for its members; facilitates key connections across networks, borders and industries; and helps to inform policy affecting the Angel asset-class.

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